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Sound Walls

The sound wall has been reinvented with our proprietary system - StoneCrete. Customizable and detailed sound walls offer new and modern custom design abilities for noise barrier walls. StoneCrete walls are designed and manufactured utilizing precast concrete due to its superior durability and consistent quality. StoneCrete’s proprietary system offers a robust, yet elegant wall system that will outperform traditional precast systems by providing a high quality and functional solution while reducing production and installation costs on site. Save time, save money.

StoneCrete’s patented “male” wall panel and “female” wall panel c/w column/post sections are cast as one-piece, and stacked to the desired height which improves product functionality and allows for accelerated installation. Our solid panel design provides structural strength and security that will last for decades.

StoneCrete offers many different finishing designs to choose from. Whether it’s a standard finish such as dry stack, ashlar stone, brick, allan-block, or custom logos, StoneCrete has you covered. Texturing is formed on both sides of the wall which offers an aesthetically pleasing view from any angle. Our walls can be colored using a pigmented concrete sealer that will protect the integrity of the wall in addition to providing the subtle yet realistic look of actual masonry.

StoneCrete walls area available in standard heights of 300mm – 1800mm (1ft – 6ft) with standard lengths of 4.8m between post columns. Our wall system may be engineered to be stacked in order to accommodate higher heights if desired.

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