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MSE Wall Systems

Proform is the exclusive licensee for the Tricon MSE Wall systems. For MSE embankments, bridge abutments, cut walls and other applications, Tricon’s patented connection systems streamline the installation process, saving time and money.  Tricon's engineering excellence translates to simple and efficient installation procedures requiring no tools. The HDG (hot-dipped galvanized) metal connectors, cast directly into the precast concrete facing panels, are designed to make it easy to accept the HDG welded wire soil reinforcement mats.  HDG locking rods then quickly secure the connection. Fast and simple installation, easily make it the most Contractor friendly MSE Wall System on the market today.

Tricon’s system is engineered to facilitate the long term settlement and short term adjustments that occur during installation. A variety of concrete finishes are available for the fascia panels, including custom formliner finishes and elaborate wall murals that will fit your project's specific needs.

The Tricon Retained Soil Wall System™ has been evaluated by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC) and has been approved for use by a growing number of Provincial DOT's as well as local Municipal and City agencies.

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