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Precast Foundations & Basements

Our precast foundation walls simplify basement construction for efficient and quick development of warmer and higher quality basements. The walls comprise high-strength concrete panels manufactured in a quality controlled manufacturing facility off site. Each panel contains steel studs for load-bearing support and a built-in concrete footing. Panels can include rigid insulation for added energy efficiency. Walls can be customized by project to allow for door and window openings, beam pockets and varying height to accommodate various designs (ie. walk-out basements). We offer other convenience features such as wood or steel nailers for easy drywall installation. Panels range in size from 2 to 24 feet wide by 8 to 10 feet high to accommodate a variety of basement configurations. Proform offers full turn-key services including engineering/design, manufacturing, delivery and installation including all caulking and sealing requirements.

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