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Beams, Columns & Spandrels

With our expertise we can create beams, columns and spandrels for any projects need. The beams can be designed in three key shapes; rectangular, inverterted tee beams, or L beams. These can be used for a variety of different projects structurally and can be reinforced by prestressing.

Our columns are used to support the beams and can be customized again to fit any project type. These are best used in parking garages and are paired with the beams for excellent support that is prestressed and manufactured together for a seamless fit. They can range in single or multi story project developments and can be designed for tailored architectural needs.

The spandrels are also used for parade expansions or new builds. They are used in conjunction with our custom beams and columns and provide excellent structural support for parkades or single or multi story.

All our elements have a complete and clean finish to enhance the exterior of the building. We customize all three components in house to provide a total precast construction system. Precast is an excellent option for fast installment that is environmentally conscious and structurally supportive.

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